3 Things to Add to Your Diet

3 Things to Add to Your Diet Typically, people who succeed with their diet closely follow two principles – consistency and flexibility. A lot of the foods you eat will be the same, and sometimes you will get sick of the monotony, but that’s where the success lies. At the same time, if you don’t… Read more »

Training With Carbs – Solving the Intra-workout Nutrition Puzzle

Training With Carbs – Solving the Intra-Workout Nutrition Puzzle Workout nutrition can be a royal bitch to figure out. When you’re trying to plot out an intelligent diet and supplement plan that optimizes your training gains, it can seem like the story you’re getting from the experts changes every week. First, they’ll tell you to… Read more »

Best Ready to Drink (RTD) Protein Shakes Part 2

Best Ready to Drink (RTD) Protein Shakes Part 2 I wrote the first installment of this series back in 2017, you can read that HERE. Since then, I’ve mainly been using traditional powders, that is until recently… Before I start, let’s just attack some quick, digestible protein facts If strength training (regardless of trying to lose… Read more »

Slow-Wave Sleep, Aging, and Growth Hormone

Slow-Wave Sleep, Aging, and Growth Hormone While weight training lured me into the profession, my curiosity spilled over into other pockets in health, performance, anti-aging, and longevity. As technology advances and science evolves, it’s a race to keep up with all of the latest research and ideas. Here’s some interesting reading on slow-wave sleep and… Read more »

Analyzing the Recent Intermittent Fasting Study (TREAT Trial)

“A downside to fasting”, Intermittent fasting doesn’t work…”, “A potential downfall to fasting”. These headlines dominated health and nutrition channels this week. As with most all “news” or headline worthy content these days, their thoughtfulness typically ends at the title. The study, “Effects of Time-Restricted Eating on Weight Loss and Other Metabolic Parameters in Women… Read more »

Comparing Carbohydrate Sources

Comparing Carbohydrate Sources It seems like no matter how much time passes or research amasses, carbohydrates stay at the forefront of the diet battleground. The average person still falsely accuses carbohydrates of single-handedly “making them fat”, while the over-indulgence of carbohydrates in the American diet is a real problem. Let’s try to meet in the… Read more »

Transformation Diet

I posted a recent transformation picture of a client and was bombarded with questions. “What does he eat?” “How is that possible?” Blah, blah. So I figured I’d at least post where I started his calories and where we finished. If nothing else, this reinforces the importance of progressing, whether it’s in the gym or… Read more »

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Gaining Weight for a “Hard Gainer”

Gaining Weight for a “Hard Gainer” While most people obsess over shedding weight or how to decrease their calories, there’s a lucky group of individuals out there who seemingly burn all the energy they ingest and struggle to gain weight. I was fortunate enough to be in this category when I was a developing athlete…. Read more »

Everything Protein – Practical Info & Protein Powders

Everything Protein – Practical Info & Protein Powders Just about anyone who has played a sport, exercised, or attempted (yes, attempted) to diet has been told to increase their protein intake. I’ll spare you the tired, “it keeps you full” and “isn’t easily stored as fat” lines. Instead, I’ll give you some quick info and… Read more »

CPWO – Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

CPWO – Rapid Fat Loss Protocol Sure, every diet that adheres to certain guidelines (calorie control), works. However, some methods work better and faster than others. Enter – Carbless Post Workout (CPWO). I did the prep for NPC bodybuilder who decided to compete 5.5 weeks out, what did I use? Fasting + CPWO. He got 1st place if you’re… Read more »


Feast.Fast.Fit. – Train Your Body to Torch Fat, Build Muscle, And Never Diet Again.

Feast.Fast.Fit. Train Your Body to Torch Fat, Build Muscle, and Never Diet Again To purchase Feast.Fast.Fit. use one of the links below. And if you like it, please rate! Hard copies will be up for sale shortly.                Amazon – Feast.Fast.Fit. On Amazon              … Read more »



That’s a wrap! My first book is complete and it is available on Amazon, iBooks, and other major book retailers.      Amazon – Feast.Fast.Fit. On Amazon      iBooks –  Feast.Fast.Fit. iBooks How is Feast.Fast.Fit. different? – I provide simple numbers and tables for you to build a flexible, customizable diet for Men and Women. –… Read more »