3 Drills For Strong, Mobile Hips

3 Drills For Strong, Mobile Hips First things first, these are not “corrective exercises”. That’s a bullshit term. “Corrective exercise” implies that not only do we have “broken” movements, but that we have an agreed upon standard on how to “fix/correct” those. (Hint – WE DON’T!) The human body is able to accomplish movement tasks… Read more »

Drop Your Bias – Olympic Lifting for Athletes

Drop Your Bias – Olympic Lifting for Athletes Crossfit has reinvigorated the use of Olympic Weightlifting, and while I think the sport itself is incredible, they have bastardized it’s use. The same can be said for many Sport Performance coaches. While I have no doubt that you can implement it to develop strength and power,… Read more »

Strength Aerobic Method

Strength-Aerobic Method One of my favorite “old-school” coaches to learn from is Yuri Verkhoshansky. Some credit him for the invention of the “Shock Method” or depth jumps. Suffice to say, he’s one of the most influential coaches we’ve ever seen in the field of strength and conditioning. In one of his older books he describes… Read more »

How I Program Eccentrics Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this article, I provided some basic definitions and interesting research on eccentric muscle contractions. In Part 2, I’ll be showing some exercise variations I use and when I implement them. As I mentioned previously, I like eccentrics in early off-season phases, blocks where I’m trying to help someone gain muscle tissue,… Read more »

Transformation Diet

I posted a recent transformation picture of a client and was bombarded with questions. “What does he eat?” “How is that possible?” Blah, blah. So I figured I’d at least post where I started his calories and where we finished. If nothing else, this reinforces the importance of progressing, whether it’s in the gym or… Read more »

How I Program Eccentric Training Pt. 1

How I Program Eccentric Training Pt. 1               This past weekend I hosted the first installment of Common Sense Training at my facility in Buffalo, Ny. I had a chunk of it filmed, so I’ll be releasing some of the footage on here over the next few months. One of the topics that I didn’t… Read more »

Training for Pain Relief? Random Research and Ramblings

Whenever I start to put together a presentation, I accumulate a ton of content and then there’s some spill over. Of course I’d love to sit there and talk about training all damn day, but that would bore most everyone there. In June, I’ll be hosting a seminar at my facility on the principles I… Read more »

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Gaining Weight for a “Hard Gainer”

Gaining Weight for a “Hard Gainer” While most people obsess over shedding weight or how to decrease their calories, there’s a lucky group of individuals out there who seemingly burn all the energy they ingest and struggle to gain weight. I was fortunate enough to be in this category when I was a developing athlete…. Read more »

Pro Football Upper Body Session

Pro Football Upper Body Session Today was our second upper body session of the week.  This is for a player who has access to a full weight room at their house. The exercises and sets/reps vary depending on where we are in the block and what I’m trying to accomplish with a specific person. As… Read more »

Everything Protein – Practical Info & Protein Powders

Everything Protein – Practical Info & Protein Powders Just about anyone who has played a sport, exercised, or attempted (yes, attempted) to diet has been told to increase their protein intake. I’ll spare you the tired, “it keeps you full” and “isn’t easily stored as fat” lines. Instead, I’ll give you some quick info and… Read more »

CPWO – Rapid Fat Loss Protocol

CPWO – Rapid Fat Loss Protocol Sure, every diet that adheres to certain guidelines (calorie control), works. However, some methods work better and faster than others. Enter – Carbless Post Workout (CPWO). I did the prep for NPC bodybuilder who decided to compete 5.5 weeks out, what did I use? Fasting + CPWO. He got 1st place if you’re… Read more »

4 Bicep Exercises You’ve Never Tried

4 Bicep Exercises You’ve Never Tried Bicep training, you either love it or hate it. Strength athletes think it’s stupid, while bodybuilders continue trying to build that Arnold bicep peak. Sure, your biceps get indirect work from a lot of other movements, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for direct arm training. You… Read more »