Lessons For an Impending NFL Free Agent

Lessons for an Impending NFL Free Agent First impressions – you only get one. Unless you’re a high draft pick or have a large body of work, you need to approach each invite or combine as your Super Bowl. This is your opportunity to make a lasting impression and display the work you’ve put in…. Read more »

2 Full Body Circuits

2 Full Body Circuits If you’ve already gone through all of the previous circuits a few times, here’s two new ones to add to the mix. As always, these are not meant to kill you. You should feel better after you finish. These are lower-intensity sessions that allow you to get some additional mobility work, general… Read more »

Offseason Block 1 – Pro Hockey Training

Offseason Block 1 – Pro Hockey Training This is going to be the 8th offseason that I’ve prepared this athlete for their upcoming season. Because of this history, I have a very good idea about what they can tolerate, what they like, and what they need. Last offseason he was coming off of a bad… Read more »

Less is More: Returning from Injury (Runner’s knee)

Less is More: Returning from Injury (Runner’s knee) I love America, but we do everything here to the extreme. We’ve always been taught more is better, but, when it comes to training – less is more and better is better. Every year, I get referred athletes in pain or have to consult with injured athletes… Read more »

Stay Hungry Longer with Intermittent Fasting

Stay Hungry Longer with Intermittent Fasting The first time I spoke with Frank Zane I asked him what his nutritional approach was when prepping for a show. How was he able to get so lean? His answer, “stay hungry longer,” couldn’t have been more fitting. This statement perfectly depicts the inner workings of fat loss… Read more »

3 Contrast Method Setups

3 Contrast Method Setups Contrast training has been around for ages, so this is nothing new. However, it’s a method that is still underutilized by many coaches and could help athletes who have hit a plateau. I’m going to outline a few different setups I have used with my athletes and give you a brief… Read more »

2 New Lower Body Workouts 

2 New Lower Body Workouts Are you sick of doing the same workout over and over? Who the hell wouldn’t be. Here are two new lower body workouts. The first is for a client with more strength oriented goals who is in her higher intensity phase. The second workout is for an online client who… Read more »

Body Recomposition for an NFL Player

Body Recomposition for an NFL Player When your calories are a little higher and you’re less worried about body fat, performance gains fall in your lap. This perfect world is called – bliss. Eventually reality sets in. While this is fun and all, there’s a point where you’ll likely want to drop body fat, put… Read more »

2 New Circuits

2 New Circuits Half of my subscribers are just here for the circuits. Well, here you go. Two new ones since I haven’t posted any in a while. Enjoy and good luck. Circuit 1 Back extension + dumbbell row (these are tough) x 8-10 Half-kneeling shoulder press (put front foot in front of opposite knee)… Read more »

Pros & Cons of a Refeed – Should You Use One?

Pro & Cons of a Refeed – Should You Use One? The “refeed” was undoubtedly made popular by the bodybuilding world. If we are being truthful, bodybuilders (while not always 100% right), have influenced the strength training and nutrition world more than anyone. And for good reason. When done properly, they run the ultimate trial… Read more »