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Do you have a goal that you want to reach? Have you hit a plateau? Is your injury holding you back in the gym? Do you want to become a better athlete? I can help.

I offer a host of options to accommodate those with varying levels of experience and different goals. I have helped hundreds of people through my online coaching. Your program will NOT be a replica of other’s programs. Your plan will be built specifically for you, based on your goals.

From training programs to custom nutrition plans, I can help you lose fat, build muscle, get stronger and improve performance. I will take all of the guesswork out of your diet and training so you have one less thing to worry about.

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4 Week Diet + Training Combo

Tim transformation

Over the last two years this has become my most popular option with online clients. By packaging the two together, you not only save money but get the benefit of the two programs working in a synergistic fashion. The diet and training program are developed from scratch and tailored uniquely and personally to the goals of the client. I do not give out generic programs. I have written programs for pro athletes to bodybuilders to cyclists to those who are in shoulder or back pain.

The training can range from improved athletic performance, to muscle gain or even improving one’s injuries. My programs are thorough, detailed and ever-evolving based off your feedback. On the nutrition side, I will develop a customized plan that not only guides you through to your goal but teaches you how to develop a sustainable plan for long-term success.

Visit the Before and After section to see some of the transformations.

12 Week Diet – Fat Loss or Muscle Gain


This option includes the base diet, cardio routine and week to week check ins to ensure that you are continually making progress.

The 12 week plan gives us plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments as you work towards your goal. It is very common to make changes weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to keep the client headed in the right direction. I will build the diet to work around your life and training schedule. This particular plan takes a slower, more controlled pace towards fat loss/muscle gain and improved health. By the end of the diet you should have a good idea on how to diet for life, not just a few weeks at a time.

I will adjust cardio, calories, nutrient timing, peri-workout nutrition and all variables possible to make sure you don’t plateau. The weekly check-ins allow me to see how you are responding to the set up, from your strength level to your energy levels. What gets you from 15% bodyfat to 12% won’t get you from 12% to 8%! This is why it is very important to leave room for progressions and only utilize certain protocols when absolutely necessary.


4 Week Training Plan


This plan is 4 weeks of detailed programming for Hypertrophy, Sport Performance or Fat Loss. I write every program from scratch and tailor it specifically to your goals. I do not just send pre-made templates.

Workouts include instructions for mobility/activation, pre-hab, cardio, and strength work. This program is perfect if you have reached a plateau or just want to learn new exercises and ways to present them to the body through the manipulation of sets, reps, time intervals, etc. We will communicate through emails and I will send videos for new exercises.



16 Week Contest Preparation for Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure or Bikini


This is the most thorough package since it involves an eventual competition, photo shoot, etc.

We will be in constant contact to make sure you bring your best package yet. The diet and cardio will change as often as necessary to keep you on track for your contest. We will check in more frequently than once a week and even daily once the competition is getting close. You must understand that every person is unique in their response to training and nutrition. You will work incredibly hard for those 16 weeks and you will want to display your hard work with your absolute best condition. I will build you a customized and unique prep that utilizes a deep knowledge of physiology and the latest nutrition practices.

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1 Hour Phone Consultation

If you are on the fence about purchasing a detailed diet or training program, the phone consult is a popular option to infuse some new ideas into your current routine.