Located in Williamsville on Transit Rd, Fred Duncan Performance Training is Buffalo’s premier Personal Training and Sports Performance Facility. Put simply, people come here when they are ready for results.

We offer highly specialized Sports Performance TrainingPersonal Training, and Nutrition Counseling.

Why Are We Different?

Fred Duncan Performance Training

With a new gym on every corner, how can you decide which is right for you or your athlete? I tell everyone – do your homework before you make a decision. All training is not created equal! This is one reason why we offer a free athletic assessment. This allows the parent/athlete a chance to see first-hand why we are different and how we can help.

What separates our facility?

1 Experience

This facility was started by Buddy Morris and Fred Duncan – two highly respected and nationally recognized coaches. Buddy is now the current head strength and conditioning coach for the Arizona Cardinals. Previously, he was the first division 1 strength coach ever hired, worked at the University of Pittsburgh and with the Cleveland Browns. He has produced 5 NFL hall of famers (Dan Marino, Curtis Martin) and Olympic gold medalists while also being named one of the most influential strength and conditioning coaches of all-time.

Fred Duncan, a former scholarship division 1 athlete who also competed professionally, studied under Buddy Morris for nearly 10 years. During that time, he has trained youth athletes all the way up to professional athletes, including developing custom nutrition plans for NFL players like Larry Fitzgerald.

Buffalo Sports Performance

He is also a training and nutrition consultant who has been published in multiple magazines including Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Fitness, MuscleMag, and Muscle and Performance. He and Buddy have presented at some of the largest training seminars in the country including the Elitefts Learn to Train Seminar.

2 Education

Before opening this facility, Fred was enrolled in a Doctorate program for Physical Therapy. However, when the opportunity to open this training center presented itself, he left school in order to follow his true passion. During this time he took valuable coursework including biomechanics, advanced physiology, injury rehabilitation, and more. This background in exercise science and rehabilitation has served well in his work with athletes. Because of this, the program at Fred Duncan Performance Training places a large emphasis on prehabilitation work to help make athletes more resilient to potential injury.

3 Passion

Anyone who has met or worked with Fred Duncan, will tell you that the passion he shares for his profession is unmatched. He lives, sleeps and breathes performance training and nutrition. In between clients he is reading and continuing to expand his knowledge. He is genuinely invested in all of his athletes and goes above and beyond to help them. His burning desire to improve and offer the most effective protocols for his athletes is why his program is so successful.

Make sure to visit our Sports Performance Training page for more information and some video footage of our performance center!