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Welcome to Fred Duncan Performance Training, Buffalo’s leader in Sports Performance and Speed Enhancement! From JJ Watt to Devin Singletary, athletes all over the country hire Fred to help them build a training plan, increase their speed, or rehabilitate an injury. Most recently he was hired to design the off-season speed program for an MLS team.

Fred Duncan is an industry leader on Youth Athletic Development and Return to Sport Rehabilitation.  His latest peer-reviewed publication with Dr. Craig Liebenson has shaped how youth training is structured from ages 6 up to professional level.

Part 1Athletic Development: Youth Considerations

Part 2The Foundational Stage of Development

Part 3 – The Developmental Stage – The Cornerstone of Training

At Fred Duncan Performance Training we work with high school athletes all the way up to collegiate and professionals. Our program is built upon improving every athletes best friend – SPEED! By utilizing the same training methods as professional athletes, our system creates explosive, powerful and resilient athletes. Our athletes have gone on to play at UNC, Ohio State, Rutgers, Colorado, Navy, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, West Virginia and more.

Fred has trained professionals in Football, Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Track and Field. He also worked training camp with the Arizona Cardinals this past off-season. His work has been published in Peer Reviewed Medical Journals and all major fitness magazines.

  • Sprint Mechanics
  • Speed Training
  • Injury Prevention
  • Acceleration
  • Agility
  • Strength

What’s Different? 

We created this facility for one reason: to break the mold. This is not a performance center where athletes are thrown into groups of 20 kids while an intern checks their facebook and “coaches” them.

We wanted to offer something different.

Even in the group setting, each athlete will be performing their own specific workout that is developed based on their individual needs. We look at each sport through its specific biomechanical and bioenergetic requirements to develop a comprehensive and customized plan. All athletes present with their own unique issues. Because of this, they should all be given a program specific to them.

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