GPP Sample Workout + New Circuit

GPP Sample Workout + New Circuit No matter your skill level, your GPP or General Physical Preparation must be developed and revisited (maintained) in order to maximize the training process. If you want to learn more about GPP you can read my article HERE. The workout below is a sample GPP session. While the exercises are… Read more »

Analyzing the Recent Intermittent Fasting Study (TREAT Trial)

“A downside to fasting”, Intermittent fasting doesn’t work…”, “A potential downfall to fasting”. These headlines dominated health and nutrition channels this week. As with most all “news” or headline worthy content these days, their thoughtfulness typically ends at the title. The study, “Effects of Time-Restricted Eating on Weight Loss and Other Metabolic Parameters in Women… Read more »

Comparing Carbohydrate Sources

Comparing Carbohydrate Sources It seems like no matter how much time passes or research amasses, carbohydrates stay at the forefront of the diet battleground. The average person still falsely accuses carbohydrates of single-handedly “making them fat”, while the over-indulgence of carbohydrates in the American diet is a real problem. Let’s try to meet in the… Read more »

5 Exercises to Improve Acceleration

Exercises to Improve Acceleration Acceleration is inherent in every sport we play. Field and team sport athletes spend almost all of their time in the acceleration zone (0-30m), and often their first few steps are what separates them from the competition. If a basketball player can create separation within the first 1-2 steps, he’ll have… Read more »

Analyzing Sprint Mechanics with Field Sport Athletes

Analyzing Sprint Mechanics with Field Sport Athletes If you’re a strength and conditioning coach who still thinks your job is solely in the weight room, well, just find a new profession already. That’s probably the easiest part of our job, unless you consistently fuck it up by over-analyzing and fad-hopping. I spend a good deal… Read more »

Basic Body Recomposition Plan (With Training + Nutrition Samples)

Basic Body Recomposition Plan Your program doesn’t need to be sexy. Get stronger, be efficient, recover, eat sensibly. Here’s a sample: Exercise Weight training 3x per week. Cardio will be done mainly low intensity (aerobic) – 2-3x per week. Day 1 Barbell Floor Press 4 sets of 5 @ 70% (final set AMRAP) Barbell or… Read more »

building a better back

Building a Better Back – 5 Unique Back Training Exercises

Building a Better Back – 5 Unique Back Training Exercises There is nothing that completes a strong, powerful physique more than a well developed back. It is essential in almost all of the major lifts (bench, deadlift, squat) and the wider your back is – the smaller your waist looks. That’s usually a win. Not to… Read more »

Speed Workouts on the Bike

For some reason I choose to live in the tundra that is Upstate New York, so I’ve had to find ways to train speed without having outdoor access or turf long enough for speed work. This past year I purchased two Woodway Curve Treadmills so that we can perform max velocity sprint work and tempo… Read more »

3 Drills For Strong, Mobile Hips

3 Drills For Strong, Mobile Hips First things first, these are not “corrective exercises”. That’s a bullshit term. “Corrective exercise” implies that not only do we have “broken” movements, but that we have an agreed upon standard on how to “fix/correct” those. (Hint – WE DON’T!) The human body is able to accomplish movement tasks… Read more »

Drop Your Bias – Olympic Lifting for Athletes

Drop Your Bias – Olympic Lifting for Athletes Crossfit has reinvigorated the use of Olympic Weightlifting, and while I think the sport itself is incredible, they have bastardized it’s use. The same can be said for many Sport Performance coaches. While I have no doubt that you can implement it to develop strength and power,… Read more »

Strength Aerobic Method

Strength-Aerobic Method One of my favorite “old-school” coaches to learn from is Yuri Verkhoshansky. Some credit him for the invention of the “Shock Method” or depth jumps. Suffice to say, he’s one of the most influential coaches we’ve ever seen in the field of strength and conditioning. In one of his older books he describes… Read more »

How I Program Eccentrics Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this article, I provided some basic definitions and interesting research on eccentric muscle contractions. In Part 2, I’ll be showing some exercise variations I use and when I implement them. As I mentioned previously, I like eccentrics in early off-season phases, blocks where I’m trying to help someone gain muscle tissue,… Read more »