The Most Brutal Leg Finisher

The Most Brutal Leg Finisher If you hate yourself and don’t want to walk for an hour – give this brutal split squat finisher a try. I performed these last today, which probably wasn’t my best idea. Begin with a 5 second hold – then perform 5 consecutive reps Then hold for 10 seconds –… Read more »

building a better back

Building a Better Back – 5 Unique Back Training Exercises

Building a Better Back – 5 Unique Back Training Exercises There is nothing that completes a physique more than a well developed back. It is essential in almost all of the major lifts (bench, deadlift, squat) and the wider your back is – the smaller your waist looks. Not to mention, it is equally as important for… Read more »

Recovery Circuit

I trained with a decent amount of volume and intensity this week so I used a bodyweight recovery circuit today. I’m still rehabbing my torn labrum and it has felt great recently but I’m continuing to add extra stability work (hence banded push ups, bird dogs). 5 rounds OHS x 15 Band push-ups x 10… Read more »

Contralateral Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS)

Contralateral Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS)

Contralateral Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (RFESS) One of my favorite split squat variations is the contralateral rear foot elevated split squat. The position of the dumbbell requires even more stabilization from the external obliques and hip complex, so it doubles as a great way to train single leg strength and stability. With more hamstring,… Read more »

barbell roll out

5 Ab Exercises You Need to Try

5 Ab Exercises You Need to Try The more I write, the more I realize that people just want pictures and videos. I love the science behind training but most people could care less. They want some new ideas, exercises or motivation to help them succeed. Below, I’ve compiled 5 relatively unique ab exercises that… Read more »

power speed drills

Power Speed Drills

Typically done by Track and Field athletes, Power Speed drills are low intensive plyometric exercises that I use in the programming of all athletes. Unfortunately, most athletes and coaches just blow through these drills and pay no attention to form or WHY they are being placed in the program. When used properly, these drills are highly… Read more »

barbell roll out

Roll-out with Isometric Hold

Roll-out with Isometric Hold The traditional barbell roll-out is a great anti-extension exercise for the abdominal/lumbar region. This exercise can also be done with your elbows on a yoga ball or using an ab wheel. You should only perform this exercise if you have been taught how to create proper abdominal stiffness under tension. If you… Read more »

Iso-Dynamic Seated Row

Iso-Dynamic Seated Row

Iso-Dynamic Seated Row A big, strong back is essential for athletes, powerlifters and those lifting for aesthetics. The problem is, everyone gets caught up doing the same exercises for the same number of reps. Introduce some novelty. This is an iso-dynamic countdown row. Start with a 6 second hold then perform 6 reps, then hold for… Read more »

Pre-Pro Day Upper Body Session

Today was our second upper body session of the week.  The exercises and sets/reps vary depending on where we are in the block and what I’m trying to accomplish with a specific person. As you can tell we are trying to bring up his bench/back. PVC pipe thoracic/lumbar region Medball upper body warm up – 10lb… Read more »

Trap 3 Raise

Trap 3 Raise

Trap 3 Raise Underutilized movement for trap development and overall shoulder health – prone trap 3 raise. Retract, raise 120 degrees, lower and then protract. 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps is sufficient when adding this into your program. Remember, there are other trap exercises besides shrugs that can and should be used. Shrugs only address… Read more »

Where Do Athletes Go To Get Fast?

Want to be fast? Then you need to train in a fast environment. We have been working with this athlete for the last 7 months on improving sprint mechanics and increasing her ability ability to produce force. Watch out WNY, she is no joke!! For more information on Buffalo’s premier Sports Performance Facility, please refer to… Read more »