How I Program Eccentrics Pt. 2

In Part 1 of this article, I provided some basic definitions and interesting research on eccentric muscle contractions. In Part 2, I’ll be showing some exercise variations I use and when I implement them. As I mentioned previously, I like eccentrics in early off-season phases, blocks where I’m trying to help someone gain muscle tissue,… Read more »

How I Program Eccentric Training Pt. 1

How I Program Eccentric Training Pt. 1               This past weekend I hosted the first installment of Common Sense Training at my facility in Buffalo, Ny. I had a chunk of it filmed, so I’ll be releasing some of the footage on here over the next few months. One of the topics that I didn’t… Read more »

Training for Pain Relief? Random Research and Ramblings

Whenever I start to put together a presentation, I accumulate a ton of content and then there’s some spill over. Of course I’d love to sit there and talk about training all damn day, but that would bore most everyone there. In June, I’ll be hosting a seminar at my facility on the principles I… Read more »

Pro Football Upper Body Session

Pro Football Upper Body Session Today was our second upper body session of the week.  This is for a player who has access to a full weight room at their house. The exercises and sets/reps vary depending on where we are in the block and what I’m trying to accomplish with a specific person. As… Read more »

4 Bicep Exercises You’ve Never Tried

4 Bicep Exercises You’ve Never Tried Bicep training, you either love it or hate it. Strength athletes think it’s stupid, while bodybuilders continue trying to build that Arnold bicep peak. Sure, your biceps get indirect work from a lot of other movements, but that doesn’t mean there is no room for direct arm training. You… Read more »

ACL Injury & Re-Injury – Why Are Outcomes So Poor?

ACL Injury & Re-Injury – Why Are Outcomes So Poor? We have the technology to measure force output or eccentric deceleration on each limb, access to vast amounts of research, improved surgical techniques, you name it. Yet, the rate of ACL tears and subsequent re-tears is rather high for something we focus so much attention… Read more »

Evidence Based Energy System Development for Soccer

Evidence Based Energy System Development for Soccer STOP drowning soccer athletes in fatigued, middle intensity, non-specific running due to a lack of knowledge! Physical Preparation for Soccer has a lot of common deficiencies, namely their lack of an offseason, reliance on special endurance work and reluctance to value the importance of speed and power in… Read more »

The High/Low Approach to Training Athletes by Buddy Morris

The High/Low Approach to Training Athletes In over 40 years of performance enhancement (training of athletes), I’ve had the opportunity to sit and discuss training and performance with some of the greatest minds in the field.  I’ve visited Zatsiorsky on several occasions, Judd Logan , Bondarchuk, Issurin, Yessis, Dave Tate and Jim Wendler, Louie Simmons(… Read more »

Pro Soccer Aerobic Conditioning Day

Pro Soccer Aerobic Conditioning Day If you missed the first part of this program, which is a lower body/speed session, you can view that here – Up until last week, the team had not provided players with any equipment. However, this weekend they gave each player a few items so the program will change in… Read more »

Aerobic Circuit Week 2

If you have’t seen my previous post on these circuits, start here: Because we are still in GPP or General Physical Preparation, aerobic development and movement variability are some of our focal points. I want to choose the means and methods that provide the most bang for their buck. If we can improve fitness, get… Read more »

Pro Soccer Lower Body Session (No Equipment)

Due to the gym closings across the country, most athletes have been left without access to a training facility. Some sports like the NBA and NHL were mid-season, whereas the MLS and MLB were just beginning theirs. This has left a lot of college and pro strength coaches scrambling as their players retreat to their… Read more »