The High/Low Approach to Training Athletes by Buddy Morris

The High/Low Approach to Training Athletes In over 40 years of performance enhancement (training of athletes), I’ve had the opportunity to sit and discuss training and performance with some of the greatest minds in the field.  I’ve visited Zatsiorsky on several occasions, Judd Logan , Bondarchuk, Issurin, Yessis, Dave Tate and Jim Wendler, Louie Simmons(… Read more »

Pro Soccer Aerobic Conditioning Day

Pro Soccer Aerobic Conditioning Day If you missed the first part of this program, which is a lower body/speed session, you can view that here – Up until last week, the team had not provided players with any equipment. However, this weekend they gave each player a few items so the program will change in… Read more »

Aerobic Circuit Week 2

If you have’t seen my previous post on these circuits, start here: Because we are still in GPP or General Physical Preparation, aerobic development and movement variability are some of our focal points. I want to choose the means and methods that provide the most bang for their buck. If we can improve fitness, get… Read more »

Pro Soccer Lower Body Session (No Equipment)

Due to the gym closings across the country, most athletes have been left without access to a training facility. Some sports like the NBA and NHL were mid-season, whereas the MLS and MLB were just beginning theirs. This has left a lot of college and pro strength coaches scrambling as their players retreat to their… Read more »

Don’t Let Pain Hold Your Brain Captive

Don’t Let Pain Hold Your Brain Captive People tend to gloss over the things they think are “basic” or “common sense,” like sleeping an adequate amount (7-8+ hrs.) or paying attention to their mindset. Ironically, these are arguably the most powerful and controllable factors you can influence. Don’t think it’s important? Tell that to the 180 patients… Read more »

Predictive Coding – How Perception Influences Pain

Predictive Coding – How Perception Influences Pain

This past weekend I assisted Craig Liebenson during his First Principles of Movement GPP seminar in NYC. Before we filmed this short clip, I worked with an attendee who had given up on squatting due to knee pain. I assured her that I could find a squat variation that wouldn’t irritate her knee – she… Read more »

The Deficit Reverse Lunge – Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

The Deficit Reverse Lunge After we published our first article, Strength Matters, people reached out and asked if we would do more articles on different exercises and how to progress them. So Craig Liebenson and I wrote an article on the Deficit Reverse lunge. It was just published this week. Check it out below. The Deficit Reverse… Read more »

Two New Exercise Variations

Two New Exercise Variations

Looking for some new exercises to try? Here are two unique exercise variations – one for lower body and one upper body. 1.)Reverse Hyper Low Row The reverse-hyper is one of my favorite pieces of equipment and it’s actually quite versatile. In this video I’m using it to perform a low-row variation. Rows should be… Read more »

6 Ways to Challenge the Single Leg Squat to a Box

6 Ways to Challenge the Single Leg Squat to a Box As much as I love the traditional barbell squat movement, it’s not for everyone. Differences in hip structure (long femur, shallow hip socket), spinal issues, or comfort alone, may not make it the best choice for some people. That’s ok – It doesn’t matter what your… Read more »

Strength Matters

A few months ago I attended a Principles of Movement course by Dr. Craig Liebenson here in Buffalo. The course was great and I loved Craig’s overall message and life-long pursuit of learning. After the course, we continued talking about how we could promote smart strength training to boost resiliency and reduce frailty. Through proper strength… Read more »

Band Resisted Bird-Dog

Band Resisted Bird-Dog

Band Resisted Bird-Dog This is a progression of the Bird-Dog exercise. Typically, these will be done with 5-10 sec holds. The water bottle on my back is used so that I focus on stability and there’s no excessive rotation in the pelvis. You can use various things including – yoga blocks, lacrosse balls, even a… Read more »