Strength Aerobic Method

Strength-Aerobic Method One of my favorite “old-school” coaches to learn from is Yuri Verkhoshansky. Some credit him for the invention of the “Shock Method” or depth jumps. Suffice to say, he’s one of the most influential coaches we’ve ever seen in the field of strength and conditioning. In one of his older books he describes… Read more »


The High/Low Approach to Training Athletes by Buddy Morris

The High/Low Approach to Training Athletes In over 40 years of performance enhancement (training of athletes), I’ve had the opportunity to sit and discuss training and performance with some of the greatest minds in the field.  I’ve visited Zatsiorsky on several occasions, Judd Logan , Bondarchuk, Issurin, Yessis, Dave Tate and Jim Wendler, Louie Simmons(… Read more »

Pro Soccer Aerobic Conditioning Day

Pro Soccer Aerobic Conditioning Day If you missed the first part of this program, which is a lower body/speed session, you can view that here – Up until last week, the team had not provided players with any equipment. However, this weekend they gave each player a few items so the program will change in… Read more »

Aerobic Circuit Week 2

If you have’t seen my previous post on these circuits, start here: Because we are still in GPP or General Physical Preparation, aerobic development and movement variability are some of our focal points. I want to choose the means and methods that provide the most bang for their buck. If we can improve fitness, get… Read more »

Pro Soccer Lower Body Session (No Equipment)

Due to the gym closings across the country, most athletes have been left without access to a training facility. Some sports like the NBA and NHL were mid-season, whereas the MLS and MLB were just beginning theirs. This has left a lot of college and pro strength coaches scrambling as their players retreat to their… Read more »

Diet Cheat Sheet I Give Clients

Diet Cheat Sheet Below, I’ve given you the numbers and goals of each day. The numbers serve as general outlines. You should take note of this. When results stall, just tighten up your meals on training days or dig calories even deeper on fasting days. Just know that if you’re gaining weight (and not wanting… Read more »

Members-Only Section is Live!

Members-Only Section is Live!

Members-Only Section is Live! In an effort to combat the saturated, rarely fact-checked, fitness drivel that floods social media, I’ve created a private, educational, pain-free subscription. The previous email you received is a small sample of the kind of content I’ll be sharing. With a subscription, you will receive access to exclusive video, training programs,… Read more »

Medball Figure 8 Video

Medball Figure 8 Video This is a great exercise I stole from Buddy Morris to challenge proprioception and single leg stability. It’s an extremely versatile movement as you can use it in rehabilitation, as part of a warm-up or circuit.  As with all exercises, there are many ways to progress or regress this movement. For… Read more »

Why Progression is Crucial for Success

Why Progression is Crucial for Success

Why Progression is Crucial for Success The goal is always to progress and improve! If you stood on one foot with slight knee flexion for 15 seconds and then progressed to 30 seconds, that’s a win. It’s the accumulation of these wins, these small, novel disturbances in homeostasis, that force our tissue to respond and… Read more »

Video Discussion on MCL Tear + ACL Sprain Rehab

Video Discussion on MCL Tear + ACL Sprain Rehab

Video Breakdown on MCL Tear + ACL Sprain Rehab Two weeks post-injury of Grade 3 MCL Tear and ACL Sprain and the player still had not been instructed to do anything other than rest and wear a brace. That’s no upper body training, no biking, no maintenance of fitness. That’s when he reached out to… Read more »

Aerobic Circuit

Aerobic Circuit Right now, my athletes are training between 4-6 days a week. Either Wednesday or Saturday they will perform an aerobic circuit that’s meant to increase general fitness, include varying movements, and promote recovery by enhancing autonomic function through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.  This is early in GPP so developing aerobic capacity… Read more »

Bodyweight Circuit – No Equipment Necessary

Bodyweight Circuit – No Equipment Necessary

As most people don’t have access to a gym currently, here’s a bodyweight circuit you can perform. No equipment necessary. This is circuit combines a combination of upper / lower body strength and mobility exercises as a means to increase general fitness. This can also be used for an aerobic training session as long as… Read more »