Complex Systems – How Training is Like Trading

Complex Systems – How Training is Like Trading I’m trying to spice things up on the blog here. This a short video presentation with slides and audio. I’m sure people will enjoy this more than just reading an article, just know that it was a royal pain in the ass to make. So don’t get… Read more »


Best Ready to Drink (RTD) Protein Shakes Part 2

Best Ready to Drink (RTD) Protein Shakes Part 2 I wrote the first installment of this series back in 2017, you can read that HERE. Since then, I’ve mainly been using traditional powders, that is until recently… Before I start, let’s just attack some quick, digestible protein facts If strength training (regardless of trying to lose… Read more »

Simple Changes, Powerful Results – Improving My Clients’ Programs

Simple Changes, Powerful Results Fitness content is at a nauseatingly high level these days – more and more of the same bullshit and influencers begging for views. Daily posting and water-downed messages in an attempt to “keep up” and demonstrate competence. When I first met Buddy Morris back in 2005, he was writing under an… Read more »

3 Different Trap Bar Blocks (4 weeks)

3 Different Trap Bar Blocks (4 weeks) My affinity for the trap bar has grown over the years. I could care less about the argument between squatting or trap bar deadlifting with regards to athletes, it’s a waste of time. Neither of these movements are specific to any sport, and are only used to develop… Read more »

Programming Pitfalls

Programming Pitfalls Chasing speed. Chasing strength. Chasing performance. Too often, coaches and athletes chase the adaptation. More volume, more intensity, higher frequency. Stimulate, stimulate, stimulate.  Most articles or training videos focus on the stimulation –> adaptation phases of training. The internet only cares about novelty. It doesn’t matter how utterly useless it is, if it’s… Read more »

Lower Body Speed Session (Using Dynamic Effort)

Lower Body Speed Session (Using Dynamic Effort) This is an acceleration-dominant session I wrote for a hockey player. At this point, we were in an accumulation period, two lower sessions + two upper sessions (high/low), with one recovery session. Roll / Perform whatever makes you feel good Movement Prep Ground-based warm-up Active/Dynamic Warm-up Hurdle Mobility… Read more »

Your Movement Screen is Probably Wrong

Your Movement Screen is Probably Wrong If you wasted thousands of dollars securing some utterly meaningless three letter acronym next to your name, the title likely upsets you. I don’t blame you. Nobody likes throwing money in the trash. People are infatuated with perceived “complexity.” If it’s complex and seemingly difficult to understand, it must… Read more »

New Workout

New Workout Depending on where we are in the training plan, Saturday’s are optional workouts that break the monotony of the weekly training and allow us to explore new movements. This past weekend I wrote up what I thought was a medium-level difficulty circuit, but ended up kicking everyone’s ass. Give it a try. *… Read more »

Training Q&A

Training Q&A Should you have baseball/overhead athletes bench press?  I think it’s important to view each sport through its own unique lens. We have a lot of things to consider – from the energy system demands, chronic positions they spend their time in, to the time of year (off-season vs in season).  I don’t like… Read more »

10 Tips to Guide Your Training

10 Training Commandments 1.) Your body will respond to any new stimulus, which means all programs technically “work.” The question then becomes which, when, and how much for optimal results? The best program is the one you’re not on. At the same time, this does not mean program hopping is the best choice. As Verkhoshansky… Read more »

Slow-Wave Sleep, Aging, and Growth Hormone

Slow-Wave Sleep, Aging, and Growth Hormone While weight training lured me into the profession, my curiosity spilled over into other pockets in health, performance, anti-aging, and longevity. As technology advances and science evolves, it’s a race to keep up with all of the latest research and ideas. Here’s some interesting reading on slow-wave sleep and… Read more »

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men People tend to fear what they don’t understand. Our propaganda machine, aka the media, often determines how people perceive things – from politics to drugs. Thirty years ago marijuana was the devil’s lettuce and now we are on the precipice of legalization. Hormones, mainly for men, fell victim to sensationalism… Read more »

Deloading – Why, When, and How (With Examples)

Deloading – Why, When, and How The dreaded “deload” – every serious trainees’ least favorite week. The psychological struggle of purposely using less weight and performing less work. Fuck that, right? This violates almost every instinct of a competitive person, but it serves a valuable purpose… If you do not properly balance your stress /… Read more »