Predictive Coding – How Perception Influences Pain

Predictive Coding – How Perception Influences Pain

This past weekend I assisted Craig Liebenson during his First Principles of Movement GPP seminar in NYC. Before we filmed this short clip, I worked with an attendee who had given up on squatting due to knee pain. I assured her that I could find a squat variation that wouldn’t irritate her knee – she… Read more »

10 Simple Tips to Get Bigger, Stronger, and Smarter

10 Simple Tips to Get Bigger, Stronger, and Smarter

10 Simple Tips to Get Bigger, Stronger, and Smarter I’ve had a bunch of people ask me to write a simple article that their ADHD will allow them to actually get through and absorb. I suppose that some of my stuff is long, science laden, and at times a bit confusing, so I decided to… Read more »

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Fred Duncan and Buddy Morris Hypertrophy Roundtable

Fred Duncan and Buddy Morris Hypertrophy Roundtable At my facility, Fred Duncan Performance training, we train people specific to their goal(s). For some, it’s speed enhancement and performance, while others need rehab or want to compete in bodybuilding. For Coach X and myself, we really enjoy a more hypertrophy-based split where we train ourselves into… Read more »

Injuries In The NFL and How Poor Training Exacerbates This

Injuries In The NFL and How Poor Training Exacerbates This Can proper training reduce the likelihood of injuries in athletes? Absolutely. Can improper training lend itself to injury and prevent recovery in athletes? Unfortunately, yes. The key word here though is proper. There’s a stimulus, dose, tolerance, intended effect and actual effect. So while the… Read more »

The Importance of Proper In-Season Training for Athletes

The Importance of Proper In-Season Training for Athletes It’s well-established the benefits of proper strength training on the development, injury prevention and further advancement of performance in athletes. While most focus on off-season or pre-season training, one over-looked and often improperly programmed is that of in-season training. In-season training is crucial to the yearly training… Read more »

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Random Training and Nutrition Thoughts

  Almost everything you are reading on nutrition is subjective, sensationalized, agenda-pushing bullshit. I spent the last year purposely doing everything “wrong” in the eyes of the internet. I ate white bread daily, trained fasted, trained fed, under-ate for long stretches of time and over-ate for others, I didn’t use any supplements, ate way below… Read more »

What Supplements I’m Using

Is this food ok to eat? How can I get rid of this fat? What is your diet like? What supplements should I use? What do you use? These are the most common questions that I get asked. I’ve written about the diet I follow before, Here, but haven’t talked much about the supplements I use. To be honest,… Read more »

Where Do Athletes Go To Get Fast?

Want to be fast? Then you need to train in a fast environment. We have been working with this athlete for the last 7 months on improving sprint mechanics and increasing her ability ability to produce force. Watch out WNY, she is no joke!! For more information on Buffalo’s premier Sports Performance Facility, please refer to… Read more »

10 Random Nutrition Thoughts

10 Random Nutrition Thoughts 1.) Going low calorie for a controlled period of time will not wreck your metabolism. Chronic low calorie dieting, just like chronic overfeeding, can have some negative consequences. Lesson being – don’t abuse either. 2.) It’s amusing how scared people are of lower calories, yet nobody seems too afraid of constantly being… Read more »

Guide To A Lean and Muscular Physique: Setting Your Macronutrients

Setting Your Macronutrients In Part 1: Building The Foundation and Part 2: Are All Calories Created Equal of this series, I discussed picking a goal and finding your starting caloric baseline. In this section I will talk about macronutrient ratios for improved body composition. We have established the role that calories have in the body…. Read more »

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Youth Sports Training

If you have a child in athletics, I would hope that you have seen some of the recent literature regarding early specialization in sport. Sports are big business today and with college scholarships on the line, parents and kids are devoting more and more time to perfecting their craft. Between their school team, travel team,… Read more »

Training With Pain

I’m pretty beat up.  I have a history of back/neck issues, shoulder surgery and I recently partially tore my tricep. Fun stuff.  Anyway, if you have been an athlete or weight-lifter for long enough, you understand that injuries are a part of this.  How can you prevent this from impeding progress in the gym? First,… Read more »