2 Full Body Circuits

2 Full Body Circuits If you’ve already gone through all of the previous circuits a few times, here’s two new ones to add to the mix. As always, these are not meant to kill you. You should feel better after you finish. These are lower-intensity sessions that allow you to get some additional mobility work, general… Read more »

Bodyweight Circuit – No Equipment Necessary

Bodyweight Circuit – No Equipment Necessary

As most people don’t have access to a gym currently, here’s a bodyweight circuit you can perform. No equipment necessary. This is circuit combines a combination of upper / lower body strength and mobility exercises as a means to increase general fitness. This can also be used for an aerobic training session as long as… Read more »

Recovery Circuit

I trained with a decent amount of volume and intensity this week so I used a bodyweight recovery circuit today. I’m still rehabbing my torn labrum and it has felt great recently but I’m continuing to add extra stability work (hence banded push ups, bird dogs). 5 rounds OHS x 15 Band push-ups x 10… Read more »