You’re Fat, Let’s Change That



Take a deep breath. Before you judge this book by its cover – hear me out.

  • This is not a book about being fat.
  • This is not a book about weight loss.
  • This is not what you expect it to be.

The title is the first step. Why would you allow something so frivolous to elicit a negative, emotional response?

What if I told you that your expectations and perceptions directly shape your reality. Yes, that means expecting failure, or perceiving an event as negative, will only further perpetuate those feelings. When you allow negative emotion to overwhelm your psyche, it disrupts rational thinking and ultimately leads to poor decision making.

Here’s the good news. Your perception of the world is open for interpretation, and thus, the emotions you attach to it are pliable. This is the key to taking ownership of your life, smashing your goals, and turning tragedy into triumph.

You’re Fat, Let’s Change That is a visceral, deep dive into the psychology of behavior and how to adopt rational, solution-based thinking. Rather than another tired, generic self-help book, I want to help you master your own psychology. Win your internal battles and watch it spill over into all areas in your life – from fitness to finance.

Time to unfuck your mind.


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