Bust Through Your Diet Plateau

You start your new diet and things seem to be going smoothly. Energy levels are steady and you’re excited to see where this can take you. The first week or two almost always results in noticeable improvements as you begin dropping a couple pounds, leaning up and heading in the right direction. The instant gratification… Read more »

Your Guide To Understanding Cholesterol: Part 1

Your Guide To Understanding Cholesterol: Part 1

I’d like to welcome Dr. ER (his alias when writing here) to my website as a contributing author.  I have known him for a long time and he’s a brilliant guy that is very thorough and objective.  I’ve brought him here because I respect his opinion, I know he stays current on research and he… Read more »

Choosing a Protein Powder

Choosing a Protein Powder I work with a wide range of clients, from NFL athletes to bodybuilders to regular people just looking to lose weight.  When I do their nutritional program, protein intake becomes a major part of their diet. For ease and time constrains, protein powder is a perfect way to get in extra… Read more »