Training: A Woman’s Point of View


Diet, Fitness, and weight training needs are somewhat different for women than for men. Women have more body fat, estrogen,  and less testosterone. Women are generally leaner in their early 30’s than in their mid 20’s because estrogen levels begin dropping and estrogen is basically a protective shield of fat. In body building competitions, the 35 year old women  Always have the best physiques. This is because they have less body fat and more mature muscle. Another way Women differ from men  is their hormonal response to food cravings. This makes it difficult for average women to remain lean Since diet is at least 50% of the body battle.

Do not confuse diet with starvation or fads. An intelligent eating plan is necessary- along  with a healthy dose of self discipline. There is no EASY way but its not nearly as difficult as you think! It is totally unnecessary to starve yourself- in fact that dangerously backfires by crashing your metabolism- we all know someone who lost a lot of weight on some crash diet- only to gain it all back and then some. Training is the other 50% Of the equation.  Women make the mistake of thinking the only way to stay in shape is through hours of tedious cardio- this couldn’t be further from the truth. Ladies, do not be afraid to get under some moderate to heavy weight and to incorporate a variety of weight training methods to your routine.

Everyone wants toned and beautifully defined arms, abs, and legs- cardio alone will not help you achieve this!  By heavy weight I mean more than 10 or 15 pounds! Surprise yourself- you never know what you may be capable of!!  I remember doing walking lunges with  a 30 lb dumb bell in each hand when my trainer told me to try the 50 lb dumb bells- I was shocked that I was able to handle those weights for my walking lunges!! The point is push yourself- don’t be afraid to see how strong you are! That is the only way to create and display defined, shapely,  muscles