The Most Brutal Leg Finisher

The Most Brutal Leg Finisher If you hate yourself and don’t want to walk for an hour – give this brutal split squat finisher a try. I performed these last today, which probably wasn’t my best idea. Begin with a 5 second hold – then perform 5 consecutive reps Then hold for 10 seconds –… Read more »

building a better back

Building a Better Back – 5 Unique Back Training Exercises

Building a Better Back – 5 Unique Back Training Exercises There is nothing that completes a physique more than a well developed back. It is essential in almost all of the major lifts (bench, deadlift, squat) and the wider your back is – the smaller your waist looks. Not to mention, it is equally as important for… Read more »

Iso-Dynamic Seated Row

Iso-Dynamic Seated Row

Iso-Dynamic Seated Row A big, strong back is essential for athletes, powerlifters and those lifting for aesthetics. The problem is, everyone gets caught up doing the same exercises for the same number of reps. Introduce some novelty. This is an iso-dynamic countdown row. Start with a 6 second hold then perform 6 reps, then hold for… Read more »