When I came to Fred I was a 300lb disaster with no real sense on how to make the right changes in life. I never wanted to look in the mirror and hated the way I felt physically and emotionally. Fred showed me the path to success and gave me all the blue prints in order to incorporate health and fitness into my everyday life and make a plan the works best for me. After a short period of time I saw great results being with Fred and I can say he truly helped me get to goals I did not there think where possible. I love the way I feel and look because of him. He is the best at what he does and if you’re someone with fitness goals this is your guy. No B.S. no nonsense just straight facts and hard work with Fred. He will make happen what you did not think was possible

Brandon Lathrop

I came to Fred for help on getting back into training after finding out about my back injuries. What I got was much more! Fred helped me understand the concept to train smarter, not harder . I thought I knew a lot about my body and training (considering I have been weight lifting for over 6yrs) and realized there was so much more behind it.

With Freds help, I started to really focus in on incorporating core stability and most importantly, listening to my body and understand what I need as an individual which differentiated Fred from anyone else. Our sessions were customized to what I needed! I slowly started to gain my confidence back and train with a method that is optimal for my body. There is still quite a bit of work to be done but I’d really like to thank Fred for all his help! Also, his articles are very insightful and often a comical read!!!

Veronika Bogdanets

Fred is the most knowledgeable person you will find in regards to sports injury rehab, muscle building, fat loss, and overall performance training. Best product in town.

Matt W.

“Before training with Fred, I had a complete misinterpretation of what “Healthy” really meant. I have always been the first one to jump on a new fad diet and have a gym membership that I used only a handful of times. I had never once in my life picked up a weight or even considered it. After many failed attempts to lose weight, I decided I needed help. Since starting my training, I now look forward to working out. I not only feel better, I look better. I want to sincerely thank Monica, Fred, Buddy and Corey; you have all been a huge part of helping me reach my goals and keeping me motivated to continually make progress. Without their extensive knowledge, patience, and encouragement, I can promise you I would still be doing fad diets and minimal exercise.”

Alaina P.

“Fred, I have made all of the diet and workout changes that you recommended part of my daily routine. And it’s all working out very well for me. My new diet is excellent. I have had stomach problems for years because of a medication I take. But just changing my diet has helped ease that problem. I am so pleased with the changes I have made and I’ve been telling my family and friends about you. You taught me so much and I really appreciate it! Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted on my progress!”

Paul M.

“After 2 years of Cardio 5x’s a week and some strength training, I went to more resistance training and very little cardio. I lost weight and inches for the first time in 2 years with his diet!! AND I feel better than I have in ages!!! thanks Fred!!”

Janine B

“Fred, I’ve been working with you since October 2012. In that time, I’ve dropped over 30 lbs of scale weight, 4 pants sizes, and I’ve completely changed the way I train and eat. I’ve always considered myself a “gym guy”. But it wasn’t until I started working with you, that I learned to do it the right way. I’ve learned that I was overtraining myself in some areas, and not training enough in others. I couldn’t be happier with the nutritional guidance you’ve given me. Taking the time to develop a system that works for me, has allowed me to see tremendous progress, and also given me the opportunity for periodic indulgences. No fad diets or crazy workouts necessary, just hard work, consistency, and dedication. I still have more progress out there to achieve, but I feel great, I like what I’m seeing in the mirror, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you, and look for new challenges along the way. Thank you for all that you do. Your attention to detail, responsiveness, and personal attention has given me the tools to succeed! I’d recommend your team to anyone.”

Tim G.

“Before I started working out with Fred Duncan, I couldn’t even walk correctly, let alone run. My goal has always been to play basketball at a high level again, but, three knee surgeries and a serious car accident had damaged me physically and mentally. Fred was honest with me from day 1. He told me what was wrong and in addition to the rehabilitation work we would do I needed to make changes on my own. After being told by a professional that this is most likely the last chance I have to fix my knee I went all in. The results have been unbelievable. I no longer have swelling in my right knee and have been able to jump as high as I could when I was 18. There is still a ton of work to do, but, there’s no doubt I wouldn’t be anywhere close to where I am now without Fred’s guidance.”

Adam M.

“Hey Fred, I just wanted to say thank you. I know this is still relatively new but training with you and Buddy has already helped so much. I move much easier these days where as before it really was a daily struggle with my back. There were days when I thought I might collapse, and I haven’t felt that way since we started this. Also, the diet..I feel lighter, I feel happier and more comfortable in my clothes. I already see changes in my body, and I know I still have a ways to go but I honestly can’t thank you and Buddy enough. I now look forward to working out and living a healthier life. I really want to thank you for what I feel is an incredible gift of insight, stress release and the opportunity to truly change my life. Please take this as a testimony on how you change lives. Thank you.”

Alana K.

“For as long as I can remember I was aware of my weight and self-conscious of my body. I started “dieting” when I was in grammar school, and although I had a wonderful support system in my family, I continued to gain weight. Throughout high school, I leapt on every fad diet bandwagon and even joined a gym, but I had no idea what I was doing. Throughout college and graduate school I was so focused on my studies, lab work, and my social life that I didn’t allow any time to focus on my own health. In graduate school I made a wonderful friend that changed my life and opened my eyes to fitness and portion control. This helped me so much and I was able to lose 45lbs! I was so excited to see my progress, but was anxious to think of how far I still had to go. Then I stopped losing. Just stopped – for about a year and a half. Nothing seemed to help. This is when I met Fred.

I’d always felt a great deal of shame about my weight and would avoid talking about it with anyone (even if they were complimenting my progress). Talking to Fred about it was different, though. He listened, and I was surprised how comfortable I felt telling him the good and bad aspects of my lifestyle. He took all the information I gave him and created an eating and exercise plan that was not only tailored to my overall goals but also fit my lifestyle (personal preferences/schedule) unbelievably well. Let’s just say that I am a different person now – not just physically, but mentally. I finally understand what people are talking about when they said they love working out! Since I’ve been following Fred’s plan I’m down an additional 32lbs and I’m not stopping anytime soon.”

Casey F.

“Hey Fred, thanks for all your help. I learned alot in the past few months about my body. So I got DEXA’d this past Friday weighing in at about 185 and some change. Over the past 12 weeks I have increased lean body mass by 5.5 lbs and decreased fat mass by 2 pounds. BF % sub 8%. I definitely feel like I am on the right track. And oh yeah….don’t tell anyone but I was incorporating FASTING the whole time. My LBM is the highest it has ever been. Pretty cool. Thanks for all your help.”