Intermittent Fasting Cliff Notes

  Intermittent Fasting Cliff Notes Well, it’s 2017 and even though we have access to more information than ever before, there is still an abundance of outdated, hilariously wrong, agenda-pushing nutrition advice. I would consider myself pretty well-versed on the current and previous scientific literature regarding exercise and nutrition. I’m lucky enough to enjoy it,… Read more »

Sports Nutrition to Maximize Athletic Performance – Part 1

Sports Nutrition to Maximize Athletic Performance – Part 1 There are few factors that athletes have full control over in attempting to reach their genetic potential. Nutrition is one of the most important yet over-looked aspects in an athlete’s preparation. Here are some helpful tips for sports nutrition to maximize athletic performance. Whether it’s combining the… Read more »

Tips To Improve Your Physique Pt. 1

I have done a poor job at keeping up with producing content lately. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I’ve just been so busy with in person and online clients that I haven’t had the time to devote to writing. I plan to be more active these next few months as people begin to prep their “summer bodies.” Here are some… Read more »

The Intermittent Fasting Files

Over the last few years, I have been studying, utilizing and writing about intermittent fasting and its potential benefits. I credit Martin Berkhan and Ori Hofmeklar’s work for sparking my initial interest. From there, I spent a lot of time combing through studies and playing around with different ways to implement periods of fasting. The… Read more »

Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss

Fasted Cardio for Fat Loss Interested in Intermittent Fasting? Grab my book on it here: Feast.Fast.Fit. – Train Your Body to Torch Fat, Build Muscle, and Never Diet Again Fasted Cardio for Fat Loss: Fasted exercise has been around for ages, even bodybuilders back in the day used to wake up and take a jog on… Read more »

Four More Tips to Fix Your Broken Diet

Four More Tips to Fix Your Broken Diet

In the First installment of this series, I discussed optimal protein dosage, understanding the role of carbohydrates/insulin in your plan, and making sure your diet is sustainable. So, let’s get back to fixing your shitty diet. 1. Your Body Doesn’t Lie With the If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) rage and the many calories in/out articles… Read more »