Strength Matters

A few months ago I attended a Principles of Movement course by Dr. Craig Liebenson here in Buffalo. The course was great and I loved Craig’s overall message and life-long pursuit of learning. After the course, we continued talking about how we could promote smart strength training to boost resiliency and reduce frailty. Through proper strength… Read more »

Band Resisted Bird-Dog

Band Resisted Bird-Dog

Band Resisted Bird-Dog This is a progression of the Bird-Dog exercise. Typically, these will be done with 5-10 sec holds. The water bottle on my back is used so that I focus on stability and there’s no excessive rotation in the pelvis. You can use various things including – yoga blocks, lacrosse balls, even a… Read more »

Be Weary of The Posture Police

Be Weary of The Posture Police

Be Weary of The Posture Police My last post undermined the “best practice” of many practitioners and created quite a stir among the “Posture Police.”   Have you ever been inside a chiropractic or “functional” PT echo chamber? It’s loud, full of confirmation bias and anecdotes, and allergic to evidence. Since you will try to… Read more »

The Most Brutal Leg Finisher

The Most Brutal Leg Finisher If you hate yourself and don’t want to walk for an hour – give this brutal split squat finisher a try. I performed these last today, which probably wasn’t my best idea. Begin with a 5 second hold – then perform 5 consecutive reps Then hold for 10 seconds –… Read more »

Stupid Sh*t I Saw on Social Media This Week

Stupid Sh*t I Saw on Social Media This Week   Video from a performance center where a hockey player is doing plyometrics with a hockey stick in his hand… Where do I start? Do I waste time describing dynamic correspondence and specificity of training? No, because it won’t matter. The best coaches in the world… Read more »

How Low Should You Squat?

How Low Should You Squat?

How Low Should You Squat? So how low should you squat? The short, simple answer is: Whichever is the safest, most effective way for you to reach your desired goal. The article could literally end here, but in case you are looking for a little more depth… Here’s your checklist to finding your depth: Why am… Read more »

Recovery Circuit

I trained with a decent amount of volume and intensity this week so I used a bodyweight recovery circuit today. I’m still rehabbing my torn labrum and it has felt great recently but I’m continuing to add extra stability work (hence banded push ups, bird dogs). 5 rounds OHS x 15 Band push-ups x 10… Read more »

barbell roll out

Roll-out with Isometric Hold

Roll-out with Isometric Hold The traditional barbell roll-out is a great anti-extension exercise for the abdominal/lumbar region. This exercise can also be done with your elbows on a yoga ball or using an ab wheel. You should only perform this exercise if you have been taught how to create proper abdominal stiffness under tension. If you… Read more »

building a better back

Fred Duncan and Buddy Morris Hypertrophy Roundtable

Fred Duncan and Buddy Morris Hypertrophy Roundtable At my facility, Fred Duncan Performance training, we train people specific to their goal(s). For some, it’s speed enhancement and performance, while others need rehab or want to compete in bodybuilding. For Coach X and myself, we really enjoy a more hypertrophy-based split where we train ourselves into… Read more »