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Detailed Program Analysis A lot of people email me because they are stuck within their current program and need ideas to help them bust through this sticking point. They may not want or need a specific program written for them, instead, they need a new perspective. I truly believe that most people’s training and nutrition… Read more »

When Should Kids Begin Sports Performance Training?

If you have a young child in sports, I imagine you have considered some athletic training. In my opinion, coaches and parents vastly underestimate and under-appreciate the role proper training can have in developing an all around athlete. All sports require a certain level of movement efficiency. The best athletes are those with great body… Read more »

Team Training For Sports

Team Training For Sports

Could your son or daughter’s entire team use some performance training? We offer small group, 1-on-1, and team training.  We train the Clarence Softball Travel team, the U15 Empire girls soccer team, a synchronized swim team, some of the areas top tennis players and more. Make sure you visit our Sports Performance Training link for… Read more »

Personal Training Buffalo

Youth Sports Training

If you have a child in athletics, I would hope that you have seen some of the recent literature regarding early specialization in sport. Sports are big business today and with college scholarships on the line, parents and kids are devoting more and more time to perfecting their craft. Between their school team, travel team,… Read more »

The IIFYM Conundrum

The IIFYM Conundrum

If you lift weights and use any form of social media, you might, kind of, maybe, know what IIFYM is. My guess is that you probably see a picture of ice cream with a Pop-Tart® and #IIFYM at least 15 times a day. What does it all mean? Because it’s ambiguous in nature, everyone seems… Read more »

New York Sports Center T-Shirts

New York Sports Center T-Shirts

His and hers New York Sports Center Dri-fit shirts are now available! Email with your size if you want me to hold one for you (

Training With Pain

I’m pretty beat up.  I have a history of back/neck issues, shoulder surgery and I recently partially tore my tricep. Fun stuff.  Anyway, if you have been an athlete or weight-lifter for long enough, you understand that injuries are a part of this.  How can you prevent this from impeding progress in the gym? First,… Read more »

Finding Balance Between Your Life and Your Diet

The concept of embarking on any sort of a diet or structured nutrition plan is terrifying for most people. They envision hunger pangs, constant tracking, low energy, mood swings, and downright unhappiness. Sounds fun, right? No, actually it sounds like total fucking torture. Why do people do this to themselves? Frankly, they don’t know any… Read more »

The Fat Loss Walk

The Fat Loss Walk

Trying to lose a lot of fat or gain an appreciable amount of muscle is a difficult and long term battle. It’s like walking a 3 year old around New York City. How so you might ask? At first, it’s not so bad, the child (your body) is willing to listen and follow you (lose… Read more »

Muscle Gain vs. Fat Loss

For those that “follow” this blog, I am going to start writing more short posts in addition to my longer articles. I am open to feedback and would appreciate any responses in terms of content you would like to see. For today… Muscle Gain vs. Fat Loss –          All workouts are not created equal, training ≠… Read more »

Death To The Bulk And Cut

In case you missed my feature article in Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Death To The Bulk And Cut, they have uploaded the full article on their website.  In this article I share my disdain for the typical bulk (get fat) and then cut (get skinny) style of dieting. Instead, I offer a body recomposition plan where you… Read more »