FPM: Bridge the Gap – Train 2 Recover

FPM: Bridge the Gap – Train 2 Recover Bridge The Gap (GPP): Register Here May 11-12th I will be in NYC at Performix House to teach the FPM: Bridge the Gap course. If you are a trainer/coach/therapist in or around the area, grab a ticket and let’s train! Course Outline: General Physical Preparation (GPP) as… Read more »


Training With Pain

I’m pretty beat up.  I have a history of back/neck issues, shoulder surgery and I recently partially tore my tricep. Fun stuff.  Anyway, if you have been an athlete or weight-lifter for long enough, you understand that injuries are a part of this.  How can you prevent this from impeding progress in the gym? First,… Read more »

Finding Balance Between Your Life and Your Diet

The concept of embarking on any sort of a diet or structured nutrition plan is terrifying for most people. They envision hunger pangs, constant tracking, low energy, mood swings, and downright unhappiness. Sounds fun, right? No, actually it sounds like total fucking torture. Why do people do this to themselves? Frankly, they don’t know any… Read more »

The Fat Loss Walk

The Fat Loss Walk

Trying to lose a lot of fat or gain an appreciable amount of muscle is a difficult and long term battle. It’s like walking a 3 year old around New York City. How so you might ask? At first, it’s not so bad, the child (your body) is willing to listen and follow you (lose… Read more »

Muscle Gain vs. Fat Loss

For those that “follow” this blog, I am going to start writing more short posts in addition to my longer articles. I am open to feedback and would appreciate any responses in terms of content you would like to see. For today… Muscle Gain vs. Fat Loss –          All workouts are not created equal, training ≠… Read more »

Death To The Bulk And Cut

In case you missed my feature article in Muscle and Fitness Magazine, Death To The Bulk And Cut, they have uploaded the full article on their website.  In this article I share my disdain for the typical bulk (get fat) and then cut (get skinny) style of dieting. Instead, I offer a body recomposition plan where you… Read more »

Fasted Cardio For Fat Loss

Fasted Cardio for Fat Loss Interested in Intermittent Fasting? Grab my book on it here: Feast.Fast.Fit. – Train Your Body to Torch Fat, Build Muscle, and Never Diet Again Fasted Cardio for Fat Loss: Fasted exercise has been around for ages, even bodybuilders back in the day used to wake up and take a jog on… Read more »

Tips and Myths For Women Who Lift, Part 2

                In Part 1 of this series (Read Here), I discussed some mistakes I see women make with their programs, how much cardio to perform and what’s happening if you’re getting “bulky.”  This time around I want to delve a little deeper into nutrition, talk about how detrimental the scale can be and give… Read more »

Tips and Myths For Women Who Lift: Part 1

Tips and Myths For Women Who Lift: Part 1

Tips and Myths For Women Who Lift: Part 1 Wait a second, why is some guy writing an article on how women should train? Well, I work with a ton of women clients, both online and in-person. I’ve coached young female athletes to those prepping for Bikini or Figure competitions. I also deal with a lot… Read more »

June Magazine Articles

June Magazine Articles

Make sure you grab the June issue of Muscle and Fitness as well as the June MuscleMag for feature articles I wrote on creating a muscle building breakfast and controlling hunger during dieting. Both articles have a lot of applicable information to help your nutritional  game plan right away!

Do Carbohydrate Sources Matter?

Do Carbohydrate Sources Matter? If you read my previous article, “Is Low-Carb Stupid” you are probably aware of what a shit-show the comment section became. Members of the low-carb cult felt disrespected, even though I stated repeatedly that low-carb diets can be useful and effective. So I figured, why not ruffle some more feathers? As it stands, I… Read more »

Beginner Weight Loss

Beginner Weight Loss Are you a dieting dummy? A total nutrition and exercise beginner? Or are you a coach who constantly encounters people like this? If you’re a beginner, this article will help you better understand how to start your journey into a healthier lifestyle. If you’re a coach, this will help you have greater… Read more »