FPM: Bridge the Gap – Train 2 Recover

FPM: Bridge the Gap – Train 2 Recover Bridge The Gap (GPP): Register Here May 11-12th I will be in NYC at Performix House to teach the FPM: Bridge the Gap course. If you are a trainer/coach/therapist in or around the area, grab a ticket and let’s train! Course Outline: General Physical Preparation (GPP) as… Read more »


Injuries In The NFL and How Poor Training Exacerbates This

Injuries In The NFL and How Poor Training Exacerbates This Can proper training reduce the likelihood of injuries in athletes? Absolutely. Can improper training lend itself to injury and prevent recovery in athletes? Unfortunately, yes. The key word here though is proper. There’s a stimulus, dose, tolerance, intended effect and actual effect. So while the… Read more »

The Importance of Proper In-Season Training for Athletes

The Importance of Proper In-Season Training for Athletes It’s well-established the benefits of proper strength training on the development, injury prevention and further advancement of performance in athletes. While most focus on off-season or pre-season training, one over-looked and often improperly programmed is that of in-season training. In-season training is crucial to the yearly training… Read more »

Bust Through Your Diet Plateau

You start your new diet and things seem to be going smoothly. Energy levels are steady and you’re excited to see where this can take you. The first week or two almost always results in noticeable improvements as you begin dropping a couple pounds, leaning up and heading in the right direction. The instant gratification… Read more »

Trap 3 Raise

Trap 3 Raise

Trap 3 Raise Underutilized movement for trap development and overall shoulder health – prone trap 3 raise. Retract, raise 120 degrees, lower and then protract. 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps is sufficient when adding this into your program. Remember, there are other trap exercises besides shrugs that can and should be used. Shrugs only address… Read more »

Personal Training

Random Training and Nutrition Thoughts

  Almost everything you are reading on nutrition is subjective, sensationalized, agenda-pushing bullshit. I spent the last year purposely doing everything “wrong” in the eyes of the internet. I ate white bread daily, trained fasted, trained fed, under-ate for long stretches of time and over-ate for others, I didn’t use any supplements, ate way below… Read more »

What Supplements I’m Using

Is this food ok to eat? How can I get rid of this fat? What is your diet like? What supplements should I use? What do you use? These are the most common questions that I get asked. I’ve written about the diet I follow before, Here, but haven’t talked much about the supplements I use. To be honest,… Read more »