Upcoming Seminar – How To Train (June 2020)


How To Train – Not Your Average Fitness Seminar

After years of complaining about the endless amount of fad and gimmick courses, I decided to enter the race.

This will NOT be your average seminar!

  • Watch a FULL, live group session where I train athletes of different sports with unique injury considerations.
  • Lecture portion with real-world, fundamental training essentials that won’t bore you to death. As well as case studies of unique rehabilitation scenarios.
  • Hands-on portion where we will cover exercises for almost any situation. From coaching the big lifts like Squats, to knowing how to adjust accessory exercises for those in pain.
  • Programming Primer – We will openly discuss how we would build a periodized program for specific populations in an interactive group setting.

There’s only about 2-3 spots left. Check it out below!

How To Train

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