FPM: Bridge the Gap – Train 2 Recover


FPM: Bridge the Gap – Train 2 Recover

Bridge The Gap (GPP): Register Here

May 11-12th I will be in NYC at Performix House to teach the FPM: Bridge the Gap course. If you are a trainer/coach/therapist in or around the area, grab a ticket and let’s train!

Course Outline:

General Physical Preparation (GPP) as Verkhoshansky put it – “Aimed at the differentiated development of physical qualities through means and methods, aimed at the development of each of them.” selection in GPP consists of anything that elevates the specific traits required in the development of the athlete/client.

You will learn how to
✅ Create a GPP block that lays the foundation for future training
✅ Develop or increase work capacity to help recovery from bouts of high intense efforts
✅ Develop, increase, or reintroduce basic strength training and movement prep
✅ Eliminate weaknesses/imbalances
✅ Train & progress specific energy system programming
✅ Use your coaches eye

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