That’s a wrap! My first book is complete and it is available on Amazon, iBooks, and other major book retailers.

     Amazon – Feast.Fast.Fit. On Amazon

     iBooks –  Feast.Fast.Fit. iBooks

How is Feast.Fast.Fit. different?

– I provide simple numbers and tables for you to build a flexible, customizable diet for Men and Women.

– I give detailed examples of meals and their breakdowns, including items to order at popular restaurants (Chipotle, Chic-Fil-A, etc.)

– It’s practical, effective, and contains no fluff.

– It’s full of references for those who want to dig even deeper.

– It’s funny (so I’ve been told).

Who is it for? Anyone who wants an individualized diet to get leaner, healthier, and regain control over their eating habits. Even though it is about Intermittent Fasting, there is still a ton of general nutrition content as well.

Lastly, I’d like to thank Monica Saia Duncan and Joe Wuebben for their help with this project. Without them it would have been a jumbled mess!

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