Best Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes


Best Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes

If you have any desire to be lean, strong and healthy – you need to focus on incorporating some quality protein in your diet. Grabbing a protein shake is the perfect low-calorie option to:

  • Substitute a meal
  • Recover after a workout
  • Increase overall daily protein intake
  • Help control hunger

While it’s easy to pack a powder and shaker, it doesn’t always happen. Here are some of the best ready-to-drink protein shakes that I often recommend to my clients.

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1.) Pure Protein Shake 

  • Calories – 150
  • Fat – 1g
  • Carbohydrate – 1g
  • Protein – 35g

This is one of my favorites. The pure protein shake has a good taste and boasts 35g of protein with minimal carbohydrates or fat.


2.) Iconic Grass-Fed Whey – Chocolate Truffle

  • Calories – 130
  • Fat – 2g
  • Carbohydrate – 8
  • Fiber – 4
  • Protein – 20g

A little low on the protein (mainly for men), but this shake has a great, light taste and the requisite 20g that is needed to build muscle. This definitely has the least “protein” taste.


3.) Premier Protein

  • Calories – 160
  • Fat – 3g
  • Carbohydrate – 5g
  • Fiber – 3g
  • Protein – 30g

I really like this ready-to-drink shake from Premier Protein. It’s one of the better tasting drinks I’ve had and still provides 30g of quality protein.


4.) Muscle Milk Non-Dairy Shake

  • Calories – 160
  • Fat – 5g
  • Carbohydrates – 9g
  • Fiber – 5g
  • Protein – 25g

This has a little stronger of a taste than the first few, but it’s still a high quality shake. A little higher in fat and carbohydrates but the added fiber is nice. These are also pretty easy to find at any convenience store.



5.) Zero Carb Isopure Drink

  • Calories – 160
  • Fat – 0g
  • Carbohydrates – 0g
  • Protein – 40g

Isopure is definitely the most unique drink of the five. Similar to the shake above, it is not a milk product, so it can be left out or put in the refrigerator. It’s a high quality isolate protein (40g) with zero fat or carbohydrate added. There is a bit of an aftertaste but this is still one of the more popular options.

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