Stupid Sh*t I Saw on Social Media This Week Pt 3


Stupid Sh*t I Saw on Social Media This Week Pt 3

This weeks winner was a no-brainer – literally.

LeBron James made it incredibly easy for me – almost like the finals were for the Warriors….ouch, sorry Bron.


Where to start? First, I’ll address the same played-out counterarguments that random people online will spew.

1.) He’s the best in the world so clearly it’s working.

Eh, not so fast. Are skittles the reason Marshawn Lynch is really good? No, he just happens to like them and happens to be a great football player. Why aren’t coaches passing out skittles on the field to their players?

Allen Iverson (owner of a 40 inch vertical) refused to lift weights so should everyone adopt this mentality? Because according to the logic above – “it’s clearly working.”

We are talking about the genetic ELITE. Most of these guys don’t even need to train, they are naturally gifted. LeBron was dunking in MIDDLE SCHOOL at age 12, long before he paid money to be put through the worlds dumbest exercise.

You have a .03% chance of making it to the NBA. If you believe this exercise is going to help you become that .03% well, then, you deserve it.


2.) Bro it’s all core and stability! You know – balance!

We know that unstable surface training has little value outside of rehabilitation scenarios and will decrease force production. As an athlete one of your main goals is to INCREASE force production – not limit it.

Yeah but what about his core? Want to train your “CORE”? Do some loaded carries where you can actually use a challenging weight instead of Richard Simmons’s 20lbs red kettlebells. Or pick up a decent weight and squat it with proper stiffness throughout your abs.

Want to improve stability and balance? Get stronger. I don’t do any unstable surface training yet I can very easily perform single leg squats on the bosu. How? BECAUSE I TRAIN.

Maybe Lebron should balance kettlebells while on a surfboard! Or play basketball on black ice! Talk about instability!


3.) The “I’m sure there’s more to the story and they’re just having fun”

That’s all fine and well but this is more than just a crappy exercise – it’s not very safe. There are multiple ways that this could end poorly and all because you wanted to perform circus tricks for instagram.

There’s definitely something to be said for having fun and keeping things interesting but risk/reward ratio should always come into play. It’s also going to spawn a ton of people (who aren’t good athletes), trying to imitate this move.


4.) It’s hard

America loves high intense, crazy volume, vomit inducing, death by sweat type training. We are obsessed with how “dead”, “sore” or “completely trashed” we are after a workout. Aside from being unnecessary, it actually ends up being counterproductive and injurious.

Your criteria for picking an exercise should be based on whether or not it gets you closer to your goal, not how hard you can make it. Something being hard doesn’t necessarily make it useful. Chopping a tree down is hard, but does that make me better at my sport?

Believe it or not but it’s not 1980 anymore, there’s a great deal of research on training and science involved. The old school mentality is simply that – old. There’s nothing wrong with working hard, just make sure you are doing it intelligently as well.

All and all this clearly just shows that Kobe Bryant is better.

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