Stupid Sh*t I Saw on Social Media This Week


Stupid Sh*t I Saw on Social Media This Week


Video from a performance center where a hockey player is doing plyometrics with a hockey stick in his hand…

Where do I start?

Do I waste time describing dynamic correspondence and specificity of training? No, because it won’t matter. The best coaches in the world know these things and the information is already there. Open a book.

This is the easiest way to analyze a given exercise or program:

Ask why!                      

Here are my questions.

  • Why haven’t you found a different job?
  • If you want to improve power, drop the hockey stick and perform your jumps, sprints, throws, etc. with maximal intensity, not by limiting your output by holding a damn prop.
  • When was the last time you saw a hockey player do a bunch of hurdle hops and then score a goal on ice? Jumping with a stick is not the same as skating with a stick – this makes sense, right? “But it makes it harder…” Eating a bagel while doing plyometrics makes it harder too, so does that mean it improves sport performance?
  • Which skill are you trying to develop? You have one ass, you can’t ride two horses with it – so pick one. Leave the stick for the ice when trying to improve your technical skills.

Leave the props out of the gym, this goes for all sports. I realize they make for cool and unique Instagram posts but it sets the profession back. Jumping hurdles with a hockey stick isn’t “hockey specific” just like swimming with a basketball in your hand won’t make you Kobe Bryant.

If you want to improve your technical skills – go play the damn sport.

If you want to improve your ability to play the sport – develop the bio-motor abilities and energy systems associated with your sport.

Until the next dumb post!

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