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Is this food ok to eat? How can I get rid of this fat? What is your diet like? What supplements should I use? What do you use?

These are the most common questions that I get asked. I’ve written about the diet I follow before, Here, but haven’t talked much about the supplements I use. To be honest, I don’t really believe any are necessary and you can achieve great results without any at all. But that’s not a sexy answer and most people will shrug that off.  Just understand that they are a very small piece of the puzzle and no supplement will counteract poor training and nutrition.

When I was younger, less educated and more naive, I tried every supplement under the sun. Always hoping that magical top secret supplement would unlock serious gains. Then I woke up. Fast forward to now and my cabinet of supplements is far smaller and features completely different compounds. Not only that, but my reasoning and thought process behind what I take and why I take it is completely different.

As with my training and diet, I cycle supplements based off my current needs/goals. I truly believe that the body thrives following a wave-like approach. For example, extreme periods of caloric deficit followed by extreme periods of caloric surplus. The supplements I use will fit within this overall program as well. Certain supplements during the deficit and others during the surplus. There are also times where I am not using any supplements at all.

That’s more detailed than what this article is about. Right now, I’m just in more of a maintenance mode as the majority of my time is focused on my clients and reading (fun life, right?). My training has taken a backseat at the moment.  However, I am dealing with some nagging injuries and my current supplement stack reflects that.

So, what am I taking right now? And what does it look like at other times?

– Whey protein – Currently using Resvearage Grass Fed Whey – Not because I care that it’s grass fed, I just really enjoy the taste.

– Biotin

– Curcumin

– Cissus Quadrangularis

– Quercetin

– Resveratrol

That’s it. The curcumin/cissus/quercetin are dosed pretty high right now as I’m using them for their anti-inflammatory properties. As shocking as it sounds, I don’t always use protein powder. I’d rather just eat my protein but I often don’t have time during the day so I will supplement with a shake when need be.

When I’m more focused on my training and body composition, that stack changes. I will rotate in:

Leucine, EGCG, a blend of amino acids, l-carnitine, R-ALA, Caffeine, Creatine, Taurine, and a few others here or there.

This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other supplements out there that may be beneficial for you. This is solely what I rotate in and out of my personal supplement arsenal. Over time this will undoubtedly change as I am constantly reading and trying new things. Any questions on what I’m using and why, just ask below!

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