The Fat Loss Walk


Trying to lose a lot of fat or gain an appreciable amount of muscle is a difficult and long term battle. It’s like walking a 3 year old around New York City. How so you might ask?

At first, it’s not so bad, the child (your body) is willing to listen and follow you (lose fat) for a little while. Everyone’s happy. However, as this walk (your fat loss) continues, the child is going to get tired, refuse to walk (weight loss stalls), demand food (hunger increases) and do its best to sabotage your walk; just like your body/mind will. Dieters often feel lethargic, ravenous, and begin to believe this is a frivolous endeavor.

So what do you do? Most will yank the child and force it to keep walking, similar to continuing to restrict calories further and further while increasing activity. In the short term this may work, but I propose something different. Start the fat loss walk with your body but understand that it will not be linear.

Let the child (your body) stop and fuck around at times. When necessary, feed them and make them happy (enjoy some “sub-optimal foods”). My guess is you will get much farther and enjoy the walk a lot more this way than if you continue to drag them by the neck…

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