Muscle Gain vs. Fat Loss


For those that “follow” this blog, I am going to start writing more short posts in addition to my longer articles. I am open to feedback and would appreciate any responses in terms of content you would like to see. For today…

Muscle Gain vs. Fat Loss

–          All workouts are not created equal, training ≠ training.

–          Your workout sets the environment, your nutrition either enhances or disturbs this.

–          The fuel used during exercise does matter, but only if the program is built knowing how to exploit this.

–          Do not view an anabolic workout (resistance training) as a way to burn calories and lose fat.

–          Do not view a fat loss workout as a way to build muscle.

–          Instead, aim to maximize one or the other at specific times.

Build your program around these principles and you will be successful.

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