Top 5 Best Tasting Protein Bars


Top 5 Best Tasting Protein Bars 

protein barsSick of bland, dry, high calorie protein bars? So am I, so I tried almost every bar out there and compiled my top 5 best tasting protein bars list. In a previous article of mine I outlined some of my favorite protein powders (Click Here To Read).  Next, I want to tackle some protein snacks and bars that you can use to help satisfy your daily protein requirements in your quest to get lean and ripped.

I’ve been choking down protein supplements for years now.  The first protein powder I ever had literally dissolved and tasted like cement, big huge chunks of muck that I’d just close my eyes and try to wash down.  Eventually protein powders got a bit nicer.  Now you can actually mix them and choose from a handful of delicious flavors.  It’s not quite the chore it used to be.  I hate when people new to protein shakes try a really good one and say, “ugh, I can taste the protein.”  Well of course you can, IT’S A PROTEIN SHAKE!! It’s not going to taste like a milkshake.  The only reason we use them is for a quick and easy way to get protein.  Sometimes it’s hard trying to eat only chicken as your lone protein source.  A good shake or bar really helps break up some of the monotony of dieting.

Protein bars on the other hand have been underwhelming for a pretty long time.  The majority of protein bars were high calorie, full of fat and loaded with sugar.  With all the fat and sugar you’d expect them to taste good but in fact they still tasted like shit.  Now the market is loaded with some great tasting options and I’m going to list my favorites below.

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1.)    Quest Bars


There is really no contest here.  If you haven’t tried one of these yet I really feel bad for you.  With flavors ranging from chocolate chip cookie dough, cinnamon roll, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate peanut butter, apple pie, vanilla almond crunch, white chocolate raspberry and peanut butter cups, the choices are endless.  The typical quest bar is around 190 calories, 21g of protein, 17g of fiber, 5g of net carbs and around 6g of fat (depending on flavor) and NO added sugar.  Your typical meathead may shake his head at those stats but hold on a second.  First, I’ve found that most people severely under eat fiber; this is a very easy and delicious way to bump up your pathetic fiber levels.  Fiber has a host of benefits but one of its claims to fame is its ability to help control insulin levels after the ingestion of carbohydrates.  Personally, I could care less that its low calorie and low carb but you can’t beat the taste, it’s almost like having a candy bar.  I’ve found it’s the perfect supplement for those who are trying to diet but get sweet cravings often. I’m not proud of this but I’ve eaten 5 in one day before; they’re THAT good.  With so many flavors you will definitely find one you love.

It’s rare to find a good tasting protein bar, let alone one that’s low calorie, low carb and relatively low fat.  Do yourself a favor and pick some of these up.

Best Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Cookies and Cream right behind it.

How to make it better: Buy some sugar free cool whip, break up the cookie dough bar, mix and then email me and thank me for the best diet snack ever.

2.)    Muscle Brownies 

muscle br

The tagline for these magical protein treats is, “Eat Brownies, Get Muscles.”  That alone should sell you on it. In terms of taste its right up there with the quest bars and boasts all natural ingredients.  With flavors ranging from triple chocolate brownie to my personal favorite, chocolate peanut butter, it’s hard to find a more decadent protein snack.  So how about the stats?? The muscle brownie boasts 20g of protein, 39g of carbohydrates and 12g of fat.  Its higher calorie than quest bars (340 vs 190). Some people say that these are “too sweet”; again, they clearly never had any old protein bars.  It was like chewing cardboard.  But at the same time are you really complaining that a PROTEIN bar is TOO sweet?  People just love to complain.

Best Flavor: Peanut Butter Brownie

This company also makes the best protein cookie on the market, the Complete Cookie. These are big, soft cookies that pack tons of taste. I actually prefer them to the brownies. chocolate_chip_cookie_011


3.)    Power Crunch Bars


I’m not sure what took me so long to discover these.  I was working the Arnold Classic last year for Cut360 and I saw the booth for these power crunch bars.  It was literally packed all day with people getting samples, so I had to try.  These crisp little protein wafers changed my whole day at the Arnold.  I was going back and forth to their booth shoveling these bars down my throat.  If I had to try and describe the taste I would compare them to a kit-kat bar. The flavors range from French vanilla crème, triple chocolate fudge, peanut butter crème, and cookies and crème.  Taste wise these are one of the best but it falls a tad short macronutrient wise.  The typical power crunch bar has a measly 13g of protein, 13g of fat and 10g of carbs while being 210 calories.  With the low amounts of protein it’s more of a light protein snack than it is a protein replacement for serious weightlifters.  It’s a quick delicious way to get some protein, stay on your diet and satisfy your crunchy or sweet craving.  Another positive to this bar is that they use mainly hydrolyzed protein and whey isolate as the protein source.

Best Flavor: Peanut Butter Crème or Dark Chocolate 


4.)    Tri-O-Plex Protein Cookies


These moist little cookies have been a staple in my protein arsenal for some time now.  I try not to keep too many of them around as I generally can’t control myself.  The flavors they offer are chocolate chip cookie, double chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter chocolate chip, caramel apple and oatmeal raisin.  They come with 2 cookies and the nutrition ends up being around 344 calories, 16g of fat, 32g carbohydrates and 18g of protein.  This is more of a treat than a replacement for most people on a diet.  I wish it was slightly higher in protein and lower in carbs/fat but the taste more than makes up for it.

Best Flavor: Double Chocolate Chip Cookie

5.)    Cliff Builder Bars


I’ll be honest, for this fifth one there were a bunch of other good options (CarbRite bars, Zone bars, OhYeah, etc) but taste is the theme here and I feel like these bars deserve the nod.  The normal cliff bar is more of an energy bar, higher in carbohydrates than protein.  Cliff’s Builder bar is a delicious protein snack with high protein, no GMO’s and all natural (with organic ingredients if that matters to you).  The flavors include chocolate mint, cookies and cream, chocolate and chocolate peanut butter.  Each bar has 270 calories, 20g of protein, 30g of carbs and 8g of fat.  For some this can replace a meal or it can be used as a nice pre-workout boost or protein rich snack during the day.

Best Flavor: Chocolate Chip Mint

6 Responses to “Top 5 Best Tasting Protein Bars”

  1. m.norwood

    GREAT POST. This has helped me to narrow down the vast amounts of products out there, Only thing to do now it give em a test drive.

  2. m. norwood

    I’m back again. I tried your suggestions and you are RIGHT. You saved me time, money and my taste buds. Quest bar is awesome. I haven’t gotten around to all of them as of yet but Quest ranks high also the Lenny and Larry’s peanut butter cookie tastes so good I think I’m cheating.

    Thanks again…

  3. Adam

    It’s been about 4 years since this article was written. Would be interesting to see how these stack up to some of the new bars on the market now. Quest, Tro-O-Plex, and Cliff are still going strong. Not sure about the others though…



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