Why most people never reach their fitness goals


There isn’t just one single reason but usually a host of things. Lack of a proper plan, no consistency, no discipline etc. The one thing that most everyone seems to overlook is leaving room for *progressions*. Most people are impatient and think that more is better. I need to get in shape NOW!
So, they start exercising and doing cardio 7 days a week and cutting calories and carbohydrates drastically. But then what? What do you do when progress stalls? Cardio twice a day? 0 Carbs? They become frustrated, realize that cardio twice a day and 0 carbs isn’t sustainable and go right back to their old ways. Most people (especially women) overdo the cardio anyway. I have dropped women from 6 days of cardio a week to 1 day and they all lose weight and get stronger (And they are in shock that this happens). Just randomly throwing cardio and exercises at yourself until you’re dragging on the floor is not the goal of training. This is why a solid and well thought out plan is helpful. Leave room for progressions so that you can continually make progress.


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