I Love Crossfit!!


By: Mike Guadango
Defranco’s Training Systems

In my honest opinion, I think crossfit is great! I’m not on the train of all these people despising crossfit. I think it’s an awesome activity. I think more people should do it. The way I see it, crossfit is the ultimate way to help get us out of the depression! And here’s how…

The more people that do crossfit, the less people there are sitting on their fat asses, the less people sitting on their fat asses, the lower my insurance rates get. And to top it off, the more people that do crossfit, the better the employment rate of physical therapists and orthopedics. Then, again, the more people that do crossfit, the more people realize it sucks and come to people like me and put money in my pocket. So, I guess what I’m saying is, crossfit is a great way to get me out of the depression.

All joking aside, I have no issues with average Joe’s doing crossfit. I think it’s better than them doing nothing. Something is better than nothing. It’s a shame that the people teaching and doing crossfit don’t know what the hell is going on. I think as long as it’s intelligently programmed, it’s an awesome freaking activity. Not to mention, the some of the crossfit chicks are absolute smoke shows. Gotta love them! When they start saying stupid, ignorant, ridiculous shit like, “crossfit for football,” that’s where I start getting pissed off. I had a client come to me and tell me that his fat gym teacher has a crossfit gym and that the fat gym teacher said, “Don’t work out with that guy, come train for baseball with me. I’ll get you in REAL shape!” Yeah, something like that will definitely make me lose me cool.

So the bottom line is this, know your role, and shut your hole! Crossfit gyms aren’t performance enhancement specialists, they’re not Godsends, they’re not the latest religion, if they have some kind of background and intelligently design programs they are just a good place for an average person to get off their fat lazy ass and do something active. Not to mention, a place to see hot chicks in high socks and short shorts… did I mention the crossfit chicks rule yet?

Crossfit: Destroying obesity and employing physical therapists since 2000. The year they trademarked exercise. BRILLIANT!!!

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  1. Scott Umberger

    HAHAHA! When I get PTs or ATs in my bootcamps I ask them about the crossfitters that they see on a regular basis. I get the “how the hell did you know and I can’t tell you shit(client confidentiality) look”… It’s like a defensive smirk. Once I explain myself, I find that CF’ers are the fastest growing “population” in rehab. They’ll be taking over the lower back/hip, the plantar fasciitis, and the shin splint diagnosis populations pretty soon.

    I sat next to a guy at the bar Friday night that had a “slap tear” from CF that he’s getting operated on this month. He’s was a nice guy and finally openminded(sort of) because of the injury. “I know that CF is too intense to do everyday. That’s why I backed off to 2 days a week(Mon/Wed). I go to La Fitness and clean and dead lift heavy on Tues/Thurs. Man I’m trashed by Thursday.”

    Nooooo shit… Hopefully this will be a wake up call for him.


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