Training: Coach X and Mrs. X


Mrs X ( off season masters figure training at 54 she looks 34)

– below the knee clean and press ( my wife loves these cause it involves her glutes and her fav bodypart shoulders what a combination. I have found one thing. You cant win an argument with an italian women aint even worth it ) after a warm up 50/10, 60/8x 2 sets



-ez curl tricep ext 50/10×4 sets



-incline rear delt raise paired with heavy partial(45′) lateral raise 5/12-20/12 repeat 3x



-rope tricep pushdowns pair with overhead extensions 3x 10/10



-some trx ab work and dips


-straight bar tricep pushdowns 1/10 3/8

-single arm ex curl bar preacher curls 40/9 x 3 sets

-hammer lat pulldown tricep extensions standing ( coach x triceps) total both sides 50/15 70/12 90/10 95/10

-ez curl bar bicep curls 75/10 85/9 95/8

-rope pushdowns slow tempo 3/12 light weight (35-42.5) rt elbow is infected and swollen

-seated single arm cable curls 20/12 25/10 no rest

-cable rear delt pull aparts 3/10(65) little rest between

-db laterals 30/9 35/7x 2 sets

-single arm cable tricep extensions 20/12x2sets

-oblique crunch off bench 2/15 each side

– total time 77 mins ( if i cant get it in in under 80 mins it dont get done. This causes me not to talk to anyone and i stay extremely focused)

– peri workout 2 granola bars honey/ oats super pump bcaa’s