Nutrition: Are Carbs the Enemy?


Not necessarily, but what kind, how much, and WHEN you eat them DO matter.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Start by limiting the number of meals you have with carbohydrates, they are not necessary AT EVERY MEAL! Fewer carbohydrate meals per day leads to Lower Blood Glucose levels (This is good).
  • Lower your carbohydrates on days you do not workout or are less active. Think of your carbs as only necessary to fuel activity. There is a reason that our body can produce glucose without carbohydrates (via gluconeogensis) because thousands of years ago there were not Mcdonald’s on every corner.
  • Try to avoid processed carbohydrates, focus on natural starches, fruits, vegetables.
  • Try keeping carb meals limited to 1-2 meals per day, Protein and fat (which are more filling and less insulinogenic) make up the rest of your meals.
  • If you LOVE bread, try switching from any whole wheat or white bread to ezekiel bread.




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