Training: The Process of Training Athletes


I have been a coach of physical preparation for over 30 years and I am continually learning every day about the human body and how it deals with and adapts to stress and stress of training. The human body is nothing more than an interdependent matrix system that communicates with and amongst itself all day long through electronically charged molecules. It is self-regulating and super-compensating. It is nothing more than a bio-electrical system that is hell bent on one thing; survival! Since I believe all programs work, they only work for so long. That means, nothing works forever! Louie Simmons taught me that ages ago.

That said, I always tell people, “the best program is the one you’re not on.”  From here we can agree to stress the body, stress it often, and stress it differently over time. DO NOT rely on the same program forever. What got you a 300lb bench isn’t going to get you to 350 and what got you to 350 isn’t getting you to 400! So here’s how I view programming and sports enhancement:

Realize training is a LONG term process and once you get closer to your limit the room for improvement becomes smaller and smaller! Progressive overload will get you results for about two years until the injuries start. It is old, outdated, and antiquated! You should be fluctuating overload (periods of intense loading and periods of restorative loading) you are not immediately better after what you just did. There are many different effects of training that most people don’t know about. Managing fatigue and recovery are of utmost importance. You should also realize there are many effective methods that can be used but only at the appropriate time.

Click here to see my discussion regarding the imperfection of training and the effects of training that must be accounted for if progress is to continue.

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